Art as a Source of Comfort and a Voice for Change

Erik Neff, Winter Light, 66 X 72 inches, 2020.

At Bonfoey’s, we are learning to adapt to the new circumstances we find ourselves in. The shift in the art world has shaken us, but we are prepared to take the necessary measures to ensure our doors remain open to in-person visitors. As such, we continue to ask ourselves: how can we present art in a safe and accessible way?

Our first show since the reopening of the gallery saw great success. The socially-distanced opening of Cause for Environmental Change took place over the course of ten hours in hopes of allowing viewers to enjoy the show while remaining comfortable and safe. While we missed the familiar excitement of an evening-length event and longed to see the gallery crowded with art lovers sipping wine, we have accepted our new normal, whether it be temporary or ongoing.

Now more than ever, we recognize our responsibility to serve as a resource to our community. We are taking time to work on ourselves as an organization, strengthening our online presence and digital resources available to both artists and clients, while simultaneously exploring new ways to present and support the arts.

Additionally, we acknowledge that art has the ability to contribute to relevant conversations surrounding important societal issues. Our recent show, Cause for Environmental Change, featured the works of artists that are sustainability-minded in both their artistic practices and lifestyles. Art that comments on environmental change is becoming increasingly common as efforts to combat climate change and global warming rise across the world. This is because art is, indisputably, reflective of the society in which it is created. With this in mind, we hope to continue showing art that presents new perspectives on various societal problems and addresses the needs of the community.

As we continue to navigate this new normal, we graciously ask for your continued patronage. We are overwhelmingly grateful for your support thus far and want to stress that it is in no way one-sided. As an organization so deeply rooted in the community, we have made it a part of our mission to serve as a resource in any way that we can.

In today’s society, we are constantly flooded with troublesome news and difficult decisions.

We need an escape—some refuge from the demands, some new perspective on our unpredictable future. Art can be just that.

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