LAND studio: The City Is Our Museum

LAND studio’s The City Is Our Museum campaign highlights public art and inspiration visible around town all the time, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well-designed and active public spaces make cities great. Walking or biking through the Metroparks, hiking on a wooded trail, or sitting in your neighborhood greenspace can boost your spirits. The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating the importance of accessible and well-maintained parks and greenspaces to support the physical, social, and mental health of communities.

As an organization dedicated to creating places and connecting people through public art and public space, LAND studio is committed to the artists, designers, residents, and programming partners that make these spaces beautiful and improve our wellbeing.

We recognize the hardships that are affecting so many—artists, small business owners, and marginalized communities—during this time of profound economic uncertainty. The organization seeks to highlight and support Cleveland’s immensely talented artist community, promote their work, and find ways to assist them in the coming months. To that end, we created a campaign called The City is our Museum. In a time when we are being asked to physically distance ourselves from our fellow Clevelanders, we want to share the joy created through public art and high-quality public spaces. The City is our Museum is shining light on the range of artworks that exist throughout the city and can be experienced alone, six feet apart, and eventually again with our neighbors and friends.

LAND studio continues to work every day to bring even more public art to Cleveland by showcasing artists, elevating local talent, and infusing innovative artworks into the city’s landscape. We hope that by the time you are reading this, the sun is shining; the service industry, small business owners, and artists are back to work; healthcare workers are safe; and you and your loved ones are healthy. In the aftermath of the virus, we look forward to a summer full of new artworks that will help to reinvigorate the social life of the city.

Whether you are creating in isolation or are back to social connection, LAND would love to see what sparks joy in your daily life—art in your homes, a chalk drawing on the sidewalk, a community garden, or your favorite neighborhood mural. We look forward to engaging with you in person and supporting all the ways you fill the city with inspiration! #thecityisourmuseum.



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