Kings & Queens of Art is Spreading its Wings…Still

I cannot believe how fast 2019 is going. Autumn to me is such a clear sign of the things changing. Fall is my favorite season of the year—one, because it is such a vivid pictorial definition of change, and two, it is my birthday month. And as it is in nature, so it is within the All of Me. October 13 I will be celebrating my 68th birthday and I will do so by giving my Self the gift of an Art Show “Art by Garth” from October 14 through November 14. The location will be 1050 East 9th Street. Opening reception to be announced.

This Art Show promises to be different from most art shows, as I have made a 30-day challenge to myself. I will be displaying work recently created and I will be doing “Live Paintings.” I have also asked some other artists to join me as we create paintings in real time to music. As I am also a community activist, there will be an interactive component. I will have a canvas in which visitors to the gallery can put their mark or brush stroke on the canvas. There will be live music, song, and dance. I have learned how to post on Facebook so you can look for more there.

Following my show on 9th Street, Vince Robinson will be displaying his work in late November. Early December, we will be initiating an “Early Kwanzaa” event which will be more of an interactive educational workshop. Simultaneously, we will offer a marketplace for vendors to sell their creations and products.

There will be activity at 11017 Ashbury also; beginning November 1, Kings & Queens of Art will be presenting The Superhero Project founded by Lisa Kollins. Title of the Exhibition:

Look at Me! Recognition and Representation in a New Pantheon of Superheroes

The Superhero Project interviews young people with serious illnesses, special needs and/or physical disabilities to discover who their superhero alter egos are—what they stand for, who they fight for, what kinds of powers they have, what they look like and how they make the world a better place. Our superheroes are then matched with artists who design the characters they describe, creating a visual representation of the strength, resilience and courage they carry on their life journeys.

Look at Me! Recognition and Representation in a New Pantheon of Superheroes is a collection of 42 posters featuring some of our favorite superheroes created by African American, Latinx, Arab American, Native American and Asian American kids and teens, reflecting the diversity of our community.

For more information please contact me by email: or by phone: 216.339.0571.

11017 Ashbury Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44106