Some Disassembly Required

Work by Dan Miller

In 2017, artist and gallery owner Dan Miller survived what should have been a fatal motorcycle wreck. He was the victim of a hit and run. The trauma and subsequent depression was a tough time for Dan, but it also caused a creative spark in him.

Dan conceptualized an exhibition creating pieces dealing with that trauma and severe depression. His experience will be interpreted through robot surrogates. Some Disassembly Required tells those stories through derelict suicidal robots and dystopian themes. It seems like a dark concept, and it is, but Dan presents it in a way that is both accessible and reflective.

Maria Neil Art Project returns once again to Waterloo Arts to present Some Disassembly Required, August 2 through September 21. It is the first of our Pop-Up installations for 2019.

Born in 1980 and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dan Miller is largely a self-taught artist, active in the Cleveland area for more than sixteen years, working in many mediums—most primarily acrylic and watercolor. With a penchant for illustration heavy work he evokes a whimsy in often heavy or dark subject matter. Dan is also the owner of the newly opened Rant Gallery.



Maria Neil Art Project at Waterloo Arts

15605 Waterloo Road

Cleveland, Ohio 44110