Shaker Community Gallery Opens in the Van Aken District

Shaker Community Gallery is a new organization formed to signal that art and art lovers are warmly welcomed in Shaker Heights, and especially in its new downtown.

Lori Kella, Parking Lot

Lori Kella, Parking Lot

SCG’s first show opened in April.  Balancing Work, Family, and Creativity: Mother Artists, featured the art of Nicole Condon-Shih, Lori Kella, Kari Russell-Pool, and Nicole Schneider. The exhibit was a salute to mothers  who engage in the daily gymnastics of both professional creative endeavor, and childrearing. Perhaps it is therefore not surprising that their works “speak to various dualities found in science, social consciousness, form, and perception,” says exhibit curator and SCG Board member Scott Goss.

Next, from August 26 through October 7, SCG presents Art of Dissent, an exhibit that acknowledges the role that illustration plays in social and political dissent. Political cartooning in the United States is the historical context for this examination. A call for artists seeks illustrators whose work reflects commentary on contemporary issues, either as praise or complaint, overtly or masked.

About Shaker Community Gallery

SCG is a venue for artists of Northeast Ohio to showcase their work, engage the community through ideals of creative placemaking, and to bring people together to inspire and to be inspired. SCG is enormously grateful for the support provided by Rev. Peter Faass and the congregation of Christ Episcopal Church.


Shaker Community Gallery

Christ Episcopal Church

3445 Warrensville Center Road

Shaker Heights, OH 44122




Wednesdays 6-9 PM

Saturdays 12- 4 PM

and by appointment. Call Leslye Arian at (216) 926-8842 or email leslye.arian@


Balancing Work, Family, and Creativity: Mother Artists: Through June 3

Art of Dissent: August 26 to October 7