Loftworks Gallery presents Wildlife In Wax, a Solo Exhibition by Derek Brennan

Derek Brennan, The Frenchie

Derek Brennan, The Frenchie

Wildlife in Wax, a solo exhibition by Derek Brennan, opens Friday, July 7, 2017 at Loftworks Gallery. Derek Brennan, a Cleveland-based artist, has mastered the unique process of encaustic as a method to express the delicate balance between the abstract and the realistic. Encaustic is the use of hot wax and oil paints applied in layers to a piece of wood, thus creating a textured, vibrant piece of art.

Along with encaustic, Brennan’s work uses the technique of collage, integrating magazine clippings, paper, and other various materials to create a sense of depth to each piece of art. This depth allows the viewer to appreciate the many layers involved in the encaustic process. Viewing a piece of Brennan’s art up close versus looking at it from a distance, the work changes entirely; the small details come together to make up a larger composition.

During his exhibition, Brennan will move his studio to Loftworks Gallery in order to give visitors a first-hand look at his process during the show’s open hours. Saturday, July 8, Loftworks Gallery will host Brennan for an artist talk and demonstration during which Brennan will open up about his theme, his journey, and his process.

Brennan also works as a caricature artist and muralist. He received his Bachelors of Fine Art degree from Bowling Green State University where he served as President of the Two-Dimensional Art Association and was awarded the Ringholz Art Supply Award along with other first place awards. He has presented his work at the Toledo Museum of Art, Manifest Gallery, Bay Arts and the International Society of Caricature Artist’s annual convention.



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Wildlife in Wax, A solo exhibition by Derek Brennan: July 7 – 23. Opening Reception: 5-9 pm Friday, July 7. Artist Talk and Demonstration: 1 pm Saturday July 8

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