Bonfoey presents Contemporaries


The Bonfoey Gallery’s summer exhibition Contemporaries 2017 will feature gallery artists Judy Barrie, Amanda Cook, Phyllis Fannin, Kathleen Hammett, Robert Robinson, Ashley Sullivan, and John Tellaisha.  These new works convey each artist’s singular viewpoint.


Amanda Hope Cook was highly influenced by her father, artist Marion B. Cook. After graduating from the Columbus College of Art & Design, she began creating photographic oils of commercial signage. Our exhibition will feature her paintings of iconic signs found in Cleveland.


Judy Barrie’s work is new to the gallery. She is a painter and printmaker working outside of Pittsburg. Aside from creating artwork, she is the director of Galleries under the Visual Arts program at the Chautauqua Institution. Her painting is an intimate, self involved craft, a gestural marriage of materials. The resulting abstract compositions highlight Judy’s pure love of paint.


Kathleen Hammett’s works begin as loosely drawn landscapes that are abstracted. Along with this abstraction, color is her primary consideration. The color choices are intuitive and a response to their seductive qualities. Her use of color seeks an emotional response from the viewer through the manipulation of lights, darks, harmonies, and clashes.  These new works showcase this process.


John Tellaisha enjoys a successful career in architecture that allows him to pursue his passion of photography. His love of photography was instilled in him at a young age by his father, a musician and hobbyist photographer. He grew up in a home filled with the work of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Minor White. John’s works continue his journey of looking at the unsung details of the architecture of Cleveland and documenting them through his camera’s lens.


Phyllis Fannin is a printmaker specializing in creating large format intaglio engravings and lithographs. Her Still Standing suite is a recent series of plexiglass engravings of trees in all phases of existence. They are hand-inked, press-pulled prints on various archival, oversized papers. The trees metaphorically reflect the situations of our own lives as we age and accumulate experiences in the context of still trying to be vital.

Robert M. Robinson

Robert M. Robinson

Robert M. Robinson was born in Wheeling, West Virginia. After graduating with a fine arts degree from Edinboro University in 1975, he began exhibiting his work and his artistic career. While working assorted jobs, he continued painting and today works full time as an artist. His masterful color filled, expressive abstractions are a reflection of his talent and life experiences.


Ashley Sullivan’s work is also new to the gallery. She grew up in northeastern Ohio and attended Miami University of Oxford, where she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art education. Her colorful, fragmented abstract works of Cleveland provide a new look at the architecture and skyline of the city.


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