Artists’ Narratives at HEDGE

“Straddling the Great Divide” is a new series by David Masters that combines writing, painting and sculpture into dimensional pieces which form dialogues about the rigidity of human framework, versus the nature of the soul and its more eternal reality.

Masters starts these works by approaching a passage of Bible scripture and interpreting the lines through automatic drawings. He then creates geometrically rendered forms of paint and canvas over the scripture to form an all enveloping and architectonic container. The final products are three dimensional paintings encompassing Masters’ continual exploration of the physicality of materials and how he uses them to create narratives reflecting his beliefs and struggles.This relationship between the static and dynamic, the rigid and the organic, speaks directly to the greater truth of our temporal frames and eternal souls.

“Mother Mashup” Liz Maugans, print based collage, 2016

“Mother Mashup” Liz Maugans, print based collage, 2016

“Too Much Information” is a recent series of print-based collages by Liz Maugans that combine print media and text based collage into an investigation of the deluge of chaos and order that fills our everyday lives. Maugans’ ideas and themes are autobiographical and specifically in this work, her mid-life commentary.

The larger scale work is about bombardment and overstimulation, achieving a surround sound intensity. Liz states, “As I pivot from mother, wife and daughter of an aging parent, my autonomous voice delivers an invocation to interpreting narratives. Statements cover many topics: failed relationships, lost youth, indiscretions, declining health, financial stability and parenting woes.”

The smaller pieces are buoyant and calming.  They do not use text but instead deliver an escape through the combination of simple color and organic shapes and forms.

Our modern world creates too much clutter, and an increased anxiety of ‘having it all’.

This series acts as a funnel to channel that chaos to a place of poetic calm, compelling viewers to compare and contrast their own everyday melodramas through their own method of communication.

HEDGE Gallery opens the two exhibitions featuring new work by represented artists David

Masters and Liz Maugans from 5 to 9 pm May May 19, 2017.

David Masters is currently living and making art in Oregon. Cleveland artist Liz Maugans is a new addition to HEDGE Gallery’s represented list of artists.



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“Straddling the Great Divide” David Masters May 19-July 7

“Too Much Information” by Liz Maugans May 19-July 7


Recent Works by Justin Brennan and Stephen Kasner July 21-September 1

Nikki Woods: Solo Exhibition September 15-October 27