Wax + Paper at HEDGE Gallery


This fall, HEDGE Gallery will feature represented artist Christopher Kier and recent Cleveland Institute of Art graduate Carmen Romine. Their work will be shown as two separate shows in the gallery space.

HEDGE-Domus Series 2016 Study VII 24 Mixed media on frosted mylar 24_x 24_

Christopher Kier is a recent transplant, who moved from Toronto last year to make his home and artistic career in Cleveland where his partner Dan Weybrecht has been residing.

The artist is best known for his encaustic paintings on canvas and mylar that explore architectural iconography. By using encaustic wax as his main medium, images of dwellings become  “reliefs” as he creates topographical environments on his canvases. He juxtaposes both intricate detailing from Nineteenth- and early Twentieth-century buildings and monuments, many gleaned from Lakeview Cemetery, and design lines of mid Twentieth-century dwellings, examining the concept of shelter as a tactile experience.


Fabric of Time

Carmen Romine combines her inspiration from patterns in nature and thoughts on the measurement of time to create sculptural wall hangings and collages, mostly from found paper materials. Her abstract landscapes narrate moments in transition by arranging repurposed materials in a continuous manner. By making visual patterns of accumulation, she intends to provoke thoughts about our perception of time and space.



HEDGE Gallery

1300 West 78th Street Suite 200

Cleveland, OH 44102



Architectonic: encaustic paintings by Christopher Kier: October 21- December 2

Fabric of Time: recent works by Carmen Romine: October 21- December 2

Healing Through Art: works by Ursuline College Counseling and Art Therapy Graduate

Program Students: December 16, 2016-January 6, 2017



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