Beachwood Community Center Gallery presents Surface, Strata and Substance

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Featuring Works by Deborah Silver, Cindy I. Smith and Steven J. Simmons

Three unique artists converge at Beachwood Community Center Gallery to reveal common bonds in “Surface, Strata and Substance.”


Deborah Silver is a fiber artist who designs and weaves pieces that combine her interest in tribal imagery with contemporary faces.   Her work is inspired by the increased cross-cultural nature of our world, with an emphasis on our collective history.

Deborah’s most recent series of works involves cutting into her own personal history of solely woven pieces (namely, works that she once declared “completed”).  By literally slicing through weavings of contemporary faces and tribal images, Deborah figuratively cuts through time to expose the past. The underlying imagery reveals an older stratum of history based upon archeological finds and early architecture. These ancient sites, fossils, cave paintings and petroglyphs that appear in her works represent links to society’s shared heritage.   Web:


The paintings of Cindy I. Smith evoke rhythm, pattern and process with special emphasis on texture and surface treatments.  Cindy enjoys the uncertainty and budding discovery resulting from her blends of permanent inks with acrylics on canvas, panel board, wood and paper.  Her color choices, frequent use of the squeegee and her top layer line work create organic, path-like patterns on textured surfaces that ultimately pull the viewer in.

Cindy is fiercely dedicated to approaching her work in the same manner as Helen Frankethaler who once stated that “I’d rather risk an ugly surprise than rely on things I know I can do.”   As a result, Cindy creates unique, engaging abstracts that result in an absorbing and meaningful dialogue with the viewer.   Web:


Steven J. Simmons specializes in flowing abstractions and three-dimensional works.  Steve’s boldly colored works reflect his child-like fascinations with surfing, water, wind, the cosmos and nature.  Deep, electric blues and crashing waves are common motifs.

As a self taught visionary artist, Steve’s works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself. For example, his unorthodox yet frequent use of epoxy resin and fiberglass within his works emerged by “accident” while learning to repair his damaged surfboard several years ago. The use of these materials along with spray-paint, tempera and acrylics lead to deeply layered visuals with shiny, tactile surfaces.

Steve’s works have been described by others as “deeply textural, with a lush and wild vernacular,” as well as “joyful” and possessing a “unique playfulness”.  Ultimately, Steve’s works transcend beauty, skill and scape by serving as a seductive call to connect, open up, and share.  Web:


Beachwood Community Center Gallery

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Monday – Friday 9-4

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Surface, Strata and Substance: August 17 – September 11

Opening Reception:  1 – 2:30 pm Sunday, August 21