Popeye Evolves


Popeye Gallery is very happy to announce some major changes. After three years popping up in various venues throughout the Waterloo Arts District, we’ve finally found a semi-permanent home. Beginning in September, we will begin curating regular exhibitions at Survival Kit at 78th Street Studios.


The 1500 square-foot space will allow us to feature both more artists and larger work. We hope to also provide greater exposure to the artists and more impact to our community.


With this in mind, our first exhibition will showcase work by a few of the artists we’ve exhibited previously in the Native Annex Gallery on Waterloo, as well as a couple of the many local artists we’ve been wanting to work with for a long time now. The exhibition will open with a reception from 5 to 9 p.m. during September’s Third Friday event at 78th Street Studios. Brian Straw will continue to showcase local bands and musicians during after hours concerts at 9 pm.


September’s featured artists include Benji Diaz, Andy Dreamingwolf, Jamey Hart, Mike Lombardy and Meg Wilson. The show is designed as an introduction to Popeye – what we’ve done, and what we hope to do moving forward.


Each of these artists utilizes their media in unique ways. All were selected because of their skillful techniques, thoughtful concepts and dedication to their craft.


In October and November, Popeye presents new work by Cleveland’s own Dana Depew. The exhibition’s title, Assholes and Elbows, refers to a phrase his father used in regards to getting down to work. His work can be seen all over town and points beyond. If you’ve been to 78th Street Studios recently, you’ve seen Dana’s colorful lights in the parking lot.


His site-specific exhibition draws inspiration from the aesthetics and personality of the gallery and building itself. We’ve previously exhibited his work in shows we’ve curated; including Controversy at Zaller Gallery (2011), The Gold Show on Waterloo (2012) and GOLD at Sandusky Cultural Center (2012).


Assholes and Elbows will close with a reception from 5 to 9 p.m. during November’s Third Friday open studios. Aside from Third Fridays, works can be viewed by appointment only.

Moving forward, we’re currently in the process of finalizing our exhibition schedule for the next year at Survival Kit. For more information when it is available, please subscribe to our newsletter through our website, Popeyegallery.com.


For more information about Popeye Gallery, or to submit artwork for future consideration, please contact Omid (Omid.Tavakoli@popeyegallery.com) or Josh (Josh.Usmani@popeyegallery.com). While our schedule is filling up quickly, we are always looking for emerging local artists.

Popeye Presents at Survival Kit

1305 W. 80th Street, Suite 303
Cleveland, OH 44102