Contemporaries, 2015 at Bonfoey

The Bonfoey Gallery is proud to continue its Contemporaries series highlighting the works of new and current Bonfoey artists. Contemporaries 2015 features works of Ruth Bercaw, Amanda Cook, Susan Danko, Kathleen Hammett, Tricia Lazuka, Ken Nevadomi, Marc Ross, and Jessica Summers. Work in the exhibition range from abstraction to realism. An opening reception with the artists will be held at the gallery from 5 to 9 pm Friday, March 6.

Pieces of art produced in Ruth Bercaw’s strata series celebrate life, plants, animals, and beliefs, all in competition to survive.  Whatever ends up on the surface of the painting has survived in a competitive process. 

Amanda Cook earned her BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design. Her works in this exhibition are a continuation of a series entitled “Looking Up,” in which she reveals the beauty of an object that sits dormant against a boundless sky, often only seen from a distance.

The formal issues that drive Susan Danko’s paintings stem from the tensions between abstraction and representation, order and chaos, and the natural versus the artificial. Each painting evolves through a process of layered washes, hand-cut stencils, and delicate line work. The resulting paintings evoke natural places of beauty and mystery.

Kathleen Hammett’s abstractions begin as loosely drawn landscapes. Color is her primary consideration, with choices made intuitively. She seeks an emotional response through manipulation of lights and darks, harmonies and clashes.

Born in Painesville, Ohio, Tricia Lazuka is a self-taught abstract artist. She says that many artists paint as I do; spontaneously, intuitively, one mark leading to another. A simple discovery may altogether change the course of the paintings. Therein lies the fascination.”

Ken Nevadomi is one of Cleveland’s most prominent painters. His critically acclaimed, expressionistic work has garnered prestigious awards including the Cleveland Arts Prize in 1988 and inclusion in the permanent collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Works of Marc Ross exude calmness. His paintings act as introspection on the process of life. He uses multiple translucent and transparent layers to achieve luminous illusions of time and distance.

Not only does Jessica Summers welcome us into her home through her paintings, she allows us to explore modern relationships in which couples cohabitate but for numerous reasons rarely connect. She uses herself and her husband as characters in deeply personal yet ambiguous narratives that are deliberately more emotive than literal.

For more information about Contemporaries 2015, or upcoming exhibitions, please contact the gallery.

Contemporaries 2015: March 6 – April 11, 2015

Bonfoey Gallery

1710 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44114