Satellite Gallery Launches, Explores Space and Looks at Planet Earth, its Small Beings and an Erie Lake


WootWootHOOTwowYipyipyeaHyes#!!! sHaZZZamBamwhoopieYoWZer!

Ground Control to Major Naji: We have lift off!

Satellite Gallery has occupancy and is manned by Captain Loren and copilot Grace with a crew of artists from some very far away worlds! The first crew exploring inner space installations consists of Joan of Art, Diane Collins, Scott Evans, Nancy Frazier, June Hund, Anastasia Pantsios, Scott Pickering, and Rebekah Wilhelm. Earthlings CAN explore these inner worlds on Fridays, 5 to 9 PM, Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 5 PM. The landing pad is located at 442 East 156th Street, Cleveland, OH, Earth 44110.

Our children, creativity and the environment determine the future of Planet Earth. Satellite Gallery’s mission for the coming year includes exploration on all fronts. From the Collinwood banks of Lake Erie, Astronauts, Grace Summanen and Loren Naji will lead a ground exploration with smaller (5 to 13 year-old) earthlings to the shores of Lake Erie. This expedition will commence on June 13th with a beach clean-up of litter and refuse, discovering objects to be transformed into art. On June 20 and 21, our crew will create art objects with all this flotsam and earth debris, exploring all possibilities. The final frontier will be Erie Art Treasures an exhibition of these creations occurring on June 27th to be viewed by earthlings. Proceeds from sales will go to a charity here on Earth!

Please contact the Captains if you know of possible crew members for this journey!

At the time of this writing, Astronaut Loren is still making repairs to the mother ship, Loren Naji Studio Gallery and is navigating art with the help of friendly earth inhabitants. He is working on collaborative ideas with explorers from other spaceships and is open to all ideas and communication.

Thank you fellow earthlings for all your support! All are welcome on board; there are no aliens!


Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113



Satellite Gallery

442 East 156th Street

Cleveland, OH, Earth 44110.