Flexible Domains at Harris Stanton, Akron



Transitions between one state and the next, bending, flexing, modifying, adapting, able to yield to change. How much flexibility does an artist allow him or herself between the original concept for a work, the studies, and the final product? Flexible Domains examines the question for artists Matthew Kolodziej, Andrea Joki and glass artist Robert Coby. The majority of work in the exhibit by Kolodziej and Joki are drawings with the inclusion of a few paintings, so that viewers can compare the relationships. All three artists use the landscape as inspiration, either physically, conceptually or psychologically.

Joki’s exhibited work is from the “Night Visions” series begun after a Sante Fe residency in 2013. They are,”…distilled memories of the visceral sensations of heat, wind, light and sound experienced during my travels through the American Southwest. The title, “Night Visions,” may refer to the altered perception of the eye as light fades as well as to tricks of the mind”.

Matthew Kolodziej, Dervish Paper Web

Matthew Kolodziej, Dervish Paper Web

Kolodziej’s work experience on archeological digs coupled with his studies of ancient English ruins fostered his interest in material culture, perception of time and the destruction of architecture. He bases his work on building construction and demolition sites in reference to man’s artificial urban landscape within the natural landscape His paintings have increasingly taken the look of rock strata, worn down over the ages.

Robert Coby translates coastlines into sculpted glass. The place in the landscape where water meets Land, solid meets fluid, is particularly apt for the medium of glass. Glass acts as a fluid in its molten state and turns to something hard, fragile and breakable when it cools. Coby works with the glass in all its states, carving it to form jagged dangerous edges when it is hard, blowing and forming it when it is soft and fluid. His work also plays with the boundary between craft and fine art, creating vessels that negate their functionality.



January 9 – February7, 2015

In 2015 we embark on a new series of exhibitions to take place once a year, in either Cleveland or Akron, celebrating the promising young artists graduating from our area Colleges and Universities. Top Picks 2015 features assemblages by Meghan Reed a graduate from KSU, prints and paper from Abbey Blake a recent grad of CIA, paintings by Sean O’Donnell from U of A and digital photography by Omid Tavikoli of CSU.



Omid Tavakoli, Greenmerit

Omid Tavakoli, Greenmerit



Flexible Domains Nov 7 – Dec 6, 2014

Matthew Kolodziej, Andrea Joki and Robert Coby


Holiday open House Saturday Nov. 29, 11 – 4pm

Refreshments will be served all day. A new selection of gallery jewelry and glass will be available.


Top picks / new work by recent Grads Jan 9 – Feb. 7, 2015

Abbey Blake, Meghan Reed, Sean O’Donnell, Omid Tavikoli




1st Annual International exhibition Nov. 14 – Dec. 20, 2014

The International Exhibition is a 27 year tradition in our Akron gallery that we are bringing to our new Cleveland space. The exhibition features exciting work unavailable in any other Northeast Ohio gallery including artists such as Pierre Boncompain, Alexander Befelein, Miguel Olivares and Yuji Hiratsuka. We will also present new pieces fresh from Paris, including etchings from Kurt Mair.



Holiday Open House Dec 6

Refreshments will be served all day. Come and nibble and browse our new gallery space.


La Wilson and Mark Soppeland Jan. 23 – Feb 28, 2015

The Traveler and the Magician meet again in this show of assemblage art by two of the areas

most famous mixed media artists.