At Home in Africa and The 21st People’s Art Show


At Home in Africa is an exhibition that features the inspirational and creative design, pattern and form found in a wide variety of traditional, handcrafted objects from African homes of the past 130 years, covering over 75 ethnic groups from 26 countries.

The 300-plus objects bring the variety of life in African homes to the forefront, spotlighting the handcrafted beauty apparent in everyday objects. The designs of these objects feature amazing diversity in technique and creativity. An appreciation of the daily rhythms of life is paired with an intent to provide inspiration to designers of all types—graphic, fashion, interior, jewelry—and an up-close example of the reason so many African works are such a part of global design influence.


The People’s Art Show is a tradition unique to The Galleries at Cleveland State University. It began as a populist experiment in 1983 with the ideas that all people are natural artists, and people understand art without the help of experts.


The show was conceived to serve ordinary people free from snobbery, elitism, and pretension – no curators, no professionals, and no taste police! The ‘People’ themselves would determine what is in the show – every participant an artist, every artist a curator – no questions asked, nothing refused.


Now in its 21st incarnation, The People’s Art Show is here to serve you! Come and participate – be an artist! The exhibition is open to all people – professional artists, students, and amateurs. Nothing will be refused –everything will be exhibited. Participation is free but donations will be gladly accepted. Drop off dates are October 17 and 18 from 10am to 4pm.



At Home in Africa: August 29 – October 4.

People’s Art Show: Drop-off: 10 a.m. – 4 pm October 17 and 18

People’s Art Show:



The Galleries at Cleveland State University

1307 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115