Karen St. John Vincent presents “Honor the Horse”


Grass bends under booted foot.

Move gingerly, miss the meadow muffins.

Move like an Indian.”

Heads lift from grazing, turn to watch.

Birds call from tree to tree.

Step. Breathe. Step. Breathe.

The lead mare approaches.

I stand, breathe.

She bows her massive head.

Her long black mane, like dread locks

Falls over me.

The brief nuzzle,

The blow of release as she moves on.

I am accepted.


Three years ago, I lost my way as an artist. I began many projects that were never finished. I became tangled in the chaos of my life. I got good at routine – that which required no thought: chores, errands, TV.


Last summer and into fall, I took part in a series of workshops, learning from a herd of 7 horses and a zebra in Novelty, Ohio. As I began my journey back to self, I picked up my camera again, began writing again, painting again. It was the herd that silently showed me the way back.


This summer, I honor them in pictures and words.


Honor the Horse

Photographs by Karen St. John-Vincent

Saturday, June 7th, 4 – 8pm (and by appointment)

Studio 213


The Screw Factory

13000 Athens Avenue

Lakewood, Ohio 44107