FORUM artspace presents Bazaarbeque Vol. 5: Food + Art + Community

Summertime is our favorite time at FORUM, because we break out the grill for our annual installment of Bazaarbeque! Featuring more than 160 works from more than 75 area artists (Clevelanders both living here now, and who have moved around the country), we pack our walls with art and our front lawn with festivities.

Hung salon style, the show features reasonably priced pieces, all under 3′ x 3′ (x 3′ for sculptures). Looking for a unique gift? Bazaarbeque features our most affordable art of the year. You know that weird, two-foot empty wall between your closet door and the stairwell? We’ve got the perfect gem for it, whether you’re looking for something crazily fun or something more contemplative. Bazaarbeque has such a wide selection of local art in one location at one time, everyone finds 2 or 3 pieces they just can’t live without. Last year we even had an artist selling glow-in-the-dark lightning bug piñatas!


Once you’ve loaded your loot safely into your vehicle (or strapped it to the back of your bike), then come get a hot dog and a PBR, and relax in the setting sunshine. Those with fancier tastes are encouraged to bring what they fancy, potluck style. Bring some chicken kabobs, all the pieces-parts for a grilled pizza, or a big fresh pineapple, and we’ll put those lovely grill-lines all over it. Bring your favorite brew to enjoy and share, or some chips, cookies, fruit, etc. and start up a discourse on contemporary art theory, practical grilling of alligator, or pick a side in the eternal “Who’s Your Favorite Jimmy/James?” debate (Fallon, Kimmel, Carter, Dean, Dean, Franco, Bond?) with a new friend.

Some years we’ve had bands perform outside on the FORUM stage, or had live silk screening and woodblock printing demonstrations on our lawn by members of the FORUM crew. When it gets dark we might break out the tiki torches and watch a flame spinner or two perform their mesmerizing craft.

FORUM artspace is run by makers who love getting messy and fueling the discourse between young artists and the community. Come see the spectacle and enjoy summer at Cleveland’s most accessible, post-grad, come-as-you-are art space, enjoying its fifth year shaking things up and putting on thoughtful, quality shows with fun, novel, fantastic work from our growing network of friends.

Join the party during the summer Third Fridays, from 5 to 10 pm July 18 and August 15, on W 78th Street Studio’s back porch. And be sure to check us out year-round: we’re open every Third Friday, with new, smartly curated shows on a two-month rotation.

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FORUM Artspace

1300 W 78th St

Cleveland, OH 44107



5 – 10 pm Third Fridays

July 18

August 15