Bonfoey presents Altered Scapes


The Bonfoey Gallery will be exhibiting the paintings of George Kozman, Thomas McNickle, Stephen Pentak, Robert Roth, John Sargent and Kim Zarney. The exhibition, Altered Scapes, will be on view in our street and lower level galleries from May 9 to June 7, 2014.

 Works in the exhibition vary as much as the artists themselves. Beginning with the landscape as a a common theme, each has portrayed it in different ways; from the highly realistic, to the ephemeral moments, to the traditional sense of the word landscape. Each artist draws from the physical world as a starting point, but to simply call the pieces landscapes would be a mistake.

George Kozman

George Kozman

George Kozmon is best known for his monumental architectural paintings, so large in scale that one must take a step back to take in the whole, as one does in nature. His command of technique reflects his thirty-year career.

Thomas McNickle’s aim is to capture the sights, sounds and smells of his vistas. He does not just experience the moment, but connects with it in a way that is outside the moment. He uses plein-air watercolors as studies for larger watercolors and oils done in the studio. He wants his work to evoke the initial experience, not describe it.

Stephen Pentak is conscious of the abstract, but works in reality with the freedom to create and invent his space. He uses layer upon layer to make his work come to life with bright underpainting, enveloped with shadowy sheets of pigment on top. He creates serene landscapes that only exist in our dreams.

Kim Zarney

Kim Zarney

Robert Roth invents from nature. He likes to be spontaneous by abstracting the forms and in turn creates a sense of mood and atmosphere. By combining a variety of textures and shapes with quick brush strokes he achieves a sense of lost and found.

John Sargent has an uncanny ability to create not necessarily what you would see in nature, but the ideals you wish you could see. His work offers a place for deep penetrating thought.

Kim Zarney prefers autumn, winter and early spring which he calls “quiet time” — when the landscape opens up and reveals its forms and patterns. He uses simple, spontaneous gestures to capture an idea, a feeling, the play of light, a shadow or a texture. Influenced by printmaking, his works are abstractions and impressions of the natural world that leave room for interpretation by the viewer.


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John Sargent

John Sargent

Bonfoey Gallery

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Altered Scapes: May 9 – June 7, 2014