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TerraVista Studio is a bustling ceramics studio located on the fourth floor of the building on 30th Street off Superior. Most of the artists are veterans of the fourteen years the studio has been in existence: Lynne Norwood Lofton, Megan Dull, Yomiko Goto, Rob Romeo and Andrea LeBlond. On entering the gallery you’ll see signs that they are in the process of getting ready for their annual Holiday Sale in December. Most of them teach, so their studio time can be limited, but three to five days a week is not uncommon. When crunch time comes, watch out!

For ceramic artists, it only makes sense to share studio space. The cost of setting up a studio alone is impractical, with equipment like potter’s wheels, kilns, glazes, chemistry etc. TerraVista has five kilns in a separate room, shared by the artists. Besides rent they also share the costs of utilities, internet, and other costs. Each of the artists makes a point of shouldering some of the studio responsibilities.

Terra Vista Studios

Terra Vista Studios

Working alone in a studio has its advantages, but these artists have found that they share more than glaze formulas. One of the artists said over the years she loved sharing not only clay and the mess that goes with it, but also the friendships, humor, energy, shop talk and those conversations about getting older. Other advantages include that “nudge” you get from one of your studio mates when the “muses” don’t seem to be cooperating, or that aesthetic feedback you get when you just become too pleased with yourself.

The advantages outweigh the drawbacks, but thanks to the advent of earphones everyone doesn’t have to listen to your favorite talk radio host or that twelve tone composer you’re so terribly fond of. As the holidays approach, the artists are busy increasing production and cleaning their spaces. As one artist said, it will take months to find our tools when we turn the studio back into a workplace. Artists’ friends who are excellent jewelers and fiber artists are also invited to participate in the sale. They even have a waiting list since, in collaboration with the nearby Artcraft Building, they have established a Cleveland Holiday shopping tradition.

It’s during these three days of the sale that the artists of TerraVista keep their fingers crossed that the small elevator will cooperate bringing in buyers and of course, good cheer.


TerraVista Studios 14th Annual Holiday Sale

(Studios of Megan Dull, Lynne Norwood Lofton, Andrea LeBlond, Yumiko Goto and Rob Romeo) and 16 invited artists.

Friday, December 6: 11 am to 4 pm 

Saturday, December 7: 12 to 7 pm

Sunday, December 8: 12 to 4 pm


Terra Vista Studios

1400 East 30th St. #401

Cleveland, OH 44114




Free Parking and Elevator Access