Overcoming Loss at Art Therapy Studio

Greg was serving his country as a helicopter mechanic in Italy when an automobile accident changed his life forever. Trained as an aircraft technician and fluent in several languages, he sustained extensive spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. He now lives with reduced mobility and limited short-term memory. Greg left much behind, including his home and an Italian girl to whom he was engaged, when he returned to the U.S. in 2006.

Today, Greg is assisted by a full-time attendant and gets around with a wheeled walker. Although contact with his fiancée, who had said she would marry him when he could walk again, has been lost, Greg is still hopeful. He recently completed a back-to-work program.

Greg discovered art therapy at MetroHealth Medical Center. The experience was so positive that his father enrolled Greg and Greg’s mother, an Alzheimer patient, in Art Therapy Studio’s weekly “Discover the Artist Within You” classes at MetroHealth.

Greg is more motivated and joyful since attending the classes. His art has helped boost his strong sense of self, and he enjoys giving his work to family and friends.

Art has brought back my manual dexterity and built my self-confidence,” says Greg. “The best thing about creating art is creating something beautiful out of nothing.”

Discover the Artist Within You” classes help people like Greg develop their artistic talent as they deal with pain, stress, and life-altering changes resulting from serious illness and disability. Winter classes begin January 6. For more information, visit www.arttherapystudio.org.



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