Loren Naji Presents Funny Money, Dan Corrigan, a Mural Opportunity and a Cubed Moon

In addition to running Loren Naji Studio Gallery, I’m in the midst of expansion and exploration of outer worlds, through Naji, Naji, and Tekler Gallery at 78th Street Studios, and the forthcoming “Satellite,” a Collinwood exhibition space.

This holiday season, Naji, Naji &Tekler Gallery –which I share with artists Dawn Tekler and my sister Jamila–will feature Josh Usmani’s outrageous design improvements to U.S. currency. “Funny Money” opens Friday, December 20th in room 113 of 78th Street Studios for their 3rd Friday event.

Naji, Naji & Tekler needs artists for 2014. If you have a smaller body of work, contact me!

Meanwhile, Loren Naji Studio Gallery has a new exterior wall. Yes, the ugly Envy Building has finally been demolished, making Loren Naji Studio Gallery the corner building on the block. The newly-exposed 100- foot wall creates yet another opportunity for artists! To share your ideas, please join me for an informational meeting in January. Email loren.naji@gmail.com for information. Be sure to put the word “mural” in the subject line. I anticipate a galaxy of creativity!


2207 Seymore, by Dan Corrigan

2207 Seymore, by Dan Corrigan

Call for Artists

Speaking of a galaxy, Satellite Gallery needs 33 artists to launch Moon3 into orbit. All artists are invited to collaborate in the creation of a site-specific and time specific public art installation for Collinwood on Saturday, January 18 from 11:00 AM till Noon.

Artists must pick up in person a 2’x4’ piece of plywood from Loren Naji (one month or morebeforehand) to use as their canvas. All compositions will be oriented horizontally. The first 32 artists chosen will produce their own weather resistant art to be displayed. The art will also reinforce the structure of an 8-foot cube that will be erected on the prominent Collinwood town square.

Also, one artist is needed to produce an installation, on site, within the interior space.

The structure will be assembled from these panels by the participating artists in a performance before a live audience. Food and beverages will be served. Art will be offered for sale. The event continues at noon with a celebration–a free pancake/Bloody Mary brunch party for participating artists, at The Beachland Ballroom!

Unsold works will later be displayed at Satellite.

To get your plywood, email: satellitegallerycollinwood@gmail.com or loren.naji@gmail.com, including images, ideas or proposals and a phone number. Be sure to put “Moon3” in the subject line.


Satellite presents Moon Cubed

Satellite presents Moon Cubed

Loren Naji Studio Gallery

2138 West 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44113




Funny Money

Naji, Naji, & Teckler

December 20, 2013


Moon 3 installation / Satellite Launch

11 am Saturday, January 18, Collinwood Town Square