Print Collecting Made Easy with the Print Club of Cleveland

Is there a science to collecting prints or do you just jump in blindfolded? People who collect prints spend a great of time looking, listening and reading about prints and printmakers. In fact, that is one of the missions of the Print Club of Cleveland at the Cleveland Museum of Art, to offer members many opportunities to learn about the art of printmaking and print collecting.

Like many of our members, I bought my first print when I was quite young and had little knowledge about prints or collecting. A printmaker of some repute made an annual visit to the college I was attending and offered his prints at reasonable prices. I purchased one, and my collection had begun! Since I was struggling in the printmaking course I was enrolled in, it was a revelation to see what the medium was capable of producing. So over the years, I continued to buy a print here and there when I could afford it, since generally prints are less expensive than other forms of art. Printmakers usually print an edition of twenty or more.

When I joined the Print Club years ago, my appreciation of prints really began to develop as I gained insights into what to look for. Prints in the Parlouris one of the many programs offered by the Club, in which members are invited to visit other members’ collections. Some members concentrate on a particular period of printmaking, like early twentieth century prints in black and white, while others are only interested in contemporary Japanese prints. These wonderful programs give you insight into the period the artists worked and the conditions that helped to create or inspire the work.

The Print Club also organizes local and out-of-town trips to visit print departments in major museums, college museums and private collections. One of the great joys is seeing some of the great treasures close-up in the print study room, since the works are shown privately without a glass covering.

The Fine Print Fair is another opportunity to learn more. For many years, the Fair has brought prominent print dealers from around the country. I started attending Print Fairs a number of years before I joined the Club since they are opened to the public. You can just browse or ask questions of the dealers who are more than anxious to show you their work and discuss their artists.

This year the Print Fair will be held for the first time in the Atrium of the Cleveland Museum of Art , September 26 -29, 2013. This would be a good time to introduce yourself to the art of printmaking and maybe even think about starting a collection. You can even pick up information on how you could become a Print Club member.


The Print Club Of Cleveland

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Fine Print Fair

September 26 -29, 2013

Cleveland Museum of Art