Exotic Places and Idle Pursuits

In July and August, Thomas French Fine Art’s online exhibition Exotic Places and Idle Pursuits will showcase artworks reminiscent of summer vacation. As part of the creative method, artists have often lived near or traveled to some of the most beautiful locations on earth. The artworks they create are often favorites among individuals looking for souvenirs of cherished memories.

Blue Skies of Summer, Watercolor on paper, by William C. Grauer

Some of the artists in this exhibition will include: Paul Signac, George Bellows, Charles Demuth, Will Barnet, and Karl Schrag. Specifically, George Bellows’ “River Front” lithograph highlights the experience of boys swimming in the East River of New York.

Cleveland School artists in the exhibition include: William C. Grauer, George G. Adomeit, Ray Sommer, Emma Lane Payne, Greta Allen and August F. Biehle. Grauer’s “Blue Skies of Summer” is particularly vibrant and make one feel as if they are sitting alongside the artist while he paints in the hillsides of Northeast Ohio.

Whether depicting Europe, the United States, or Ohio, all the works featured in the exhibition are sure to appeal to everyone’s fondest memories of summer. For more information visit: thomasfrenchfineart.com.


River Front, Lithograph, 1923-1924, by George Wesley Bellows


Thomas French Fine Art





River Front, lithograph, 1923-4 by George Wesley Bellows

Blue Skies of Summer, watercolor on paper, c. 1930, William C. Grauer