Heights Arts features Slankard, Curlowe, and a salute to the Cleveland Quartet

Heights Arts Gallery, established in 2001, continues to shine a light on a wide array of the best regional artists. The nonprofit gallery, located just a few steps from the popular Cedar Lee movie theater, rotates six shows a year while also carrying fine arts and crafts year round.


Artists represented year round include glass artists Brent Kee Young, Mark Sudduth, Michael Mikula, Steve Hagan, Earl James, Sue Berry, and Shayna Roth Pentecost, among others. Ceramic artists include Yumiko Goto, Andrea  LeBlond, Lynn Lofton, Mark Yasenchack, and Linda Goldstone. And there is always jewelry by Catherine Butler, Michael  Romanik, Qandle Qadir, Posch + Gulyas, and others.


Painting by Andy Curlowe

Mark Slankard and Andy Curlowe, both recipients of Creative Workforce Fellowships, will be the featured artists from  March 1 through April 13. Slankard’s evocative photographs from the Toplu Series capture the rapidly changing  landscapes in Turkish suburbia, developments that Slankard began to document in 2008 after several years of travel to  the country. His work reflects “landscape as a physical manifestation of those who live there, and their values and
the power structures that basically shape the place.”

Curlowe’s paintings similarly explore themes of civilization and relationships between built environments and the  contours of natural landscape. His paintings “confront the ever-changing relationship between these realms. Focused on  suggestive landscape, my work is a fusion of curved lines and blurred contours of natural forms which counter the sharp  geometry of industry and calculation. Whether in conflict or harmony, these works emphasize the power struggles
between both worlds.”

Close Encounters: Salute to the original Cleveland Quartet!
Heights Arts’ chamber music series presents concerts performed by world-class musicians who live right here in  Northeast Ohio. Isabel Trautwein, Cleveland Orchestra violinist and Close Encounters artistic director, collaborates with  her colleagues and other professional musicians to perform programs of their choice in unique venues. The  Internationally acclaimed Cleveland Quartet, founded in 1969, was one of the most important string quartets of its time. After retiring from quartet life in 1989 Don Weilerstein and his wife, pianist Vivian Weilerstein, lived in Cleveland Heights  raising their musician children, Alisa and Joshua, while teaching at CIM. Today they teach in Boston and at Juilliard in NYC. Don’t miss a rare opportunity to hear the founding Cleveland Quartet violinists, Peter Salaff and Donald  Weilerstein, come together again in Cleveland to play Bartok duets!

The Cavani Quartet

The concert also reunites them with former students who live and work in Cleveland, The Cavani Quartet and Isabel  Trautwein, plus cellist Tanya Ell, to perform great masterpieces of chamber music. The program includes Dvorak’s piano  quartet in E-flat major and Brahms’ sextet in G major.