Audra Skuodas and Antonia Reiner at 1point618

Audra Skuodas
Connectophanies – Connectopathies:
Opening Reception:
April 19, 2013 from 7-10PM
Audra Skuodas is the 2010 recipient of the Cleveland Arts Prize Lifetime Achievement award, and this will be her second  solo exhibition with 1point618.

In December of 2007, writing for the Plain Dealer, art critic Dan Tranberg said of Skuodas’ first exhibition with the  gallery, “Her show is an inspiration, both as a display of fascinating works and as a demonstration of what can happen  when an artist of Skuodas’ considerable magnitude and skill pushes beyond her comfort zone.”

“Souls as Lodestone,” 2003, Mixed Media by Audra Skuodas

The current work is predicated on the belief that cosmic consciousness and human consciousness are inextricably  linked. Everything is interconnected in subtle relationships, becoming a cadence or a decadence. What is referred to as  sacred mathematics can become the distillation [symbol and metaphor] of that communion of forces. All matter is  energy: frequencies resonating and pulsating, aggregations of atoms that dance and relate, contributing to the cosmic  rhythm of cause and effect.

1point618 is proud to launch ProjectSpace, a series dedicated to experimental and installation-based work. Our second  installation by Antonia Reiner will open on Friday April 19th, 2013 from 7-10PM.

Antonia Reiner
Opening Reception:
April 19, 2013 from 7-10PM
“From time to time we catch a glimpse of something out of the ordinary, and in it we recognize a story, an echo from  another time. It is not a trick of the mind, but a subtle kind of perception that bridges the distance between the real and  the unreal. When the light plays on the surface of things it casts spectral shadows and ethereal reflections, intangible  transformations of objects we rarely notice. These shadows have a powerful presence, a striking beauty born out  of  light, and a life quickly extinguished. I call them ghosts. In my photographs I capture the ghosts that caught my eye and  looked back at me. My ghosts are not made of fear, but of memory and echoes; they appear and disappear at will, but  they are the things that want to be remembered.” -Antonia Reiner