Evolution, Renaissance, Transformation, Metamorphosis: Arts Collinwood Becomes Waterloo Arts

These words all have different nuances of meaning, but a common thread or generalization is that they describe a change in the state of a thing or idea that is no longer apt or useful into a more current, appropriate one. This theme is definitely playing out during the first part of 2013 at Waterloo Arts.

No, that is not a typo. After a suggestion from a volunteer and meditation by the trustees, Arts Collinwood has decided  to change its name to Waterloo Arts. Just as we must all come to understand ourselves and our place in the world, so an  organization must respond to an ever changing environment, looking inward at its values and mission to define its place  in that environment. As Arts Collinwood thought of its past and its future, it was clear that much of our efforts have been  in ‘place-making’ on Waterloo Rd. The founders have worked hard to contribute to the identity of the Waterloo Arts  District, and our signature event—the Waterloo Arts Fest—has been a significant force in propelling that idea forward. As  a physical gateway and welcoming beacon to the Waterloo Arts and Entertainment District, ‘Waterloo Arts’ more  appropriately describes this role.

The Café is also going through a rebirth, as a new owner gets ready to breath life back into the space and open doors to  the public in early 2013. We are excited for the new partnership and to have the lights turned back on at the corner of  156th and Waterloo Rd. The Café served as a gathering place for residents and artists, as well as providing  arts  programming and extended access to our gallery, so we are as anxious as everyone to get it back into full swing.

As a partner in the Collinwood Rising grant awarded to Northeast Shores Development Corporation, our Gallery will  follow the theme of transformation, starting the year with exhibits that explore the idea of vacancy in our city and the  c creative conversions that can make those spaces useful again. We partner with Saving Cities to present a film and  discussion series on post-industrial cities in conjunction with these exhibits.

Finally, we’re happy to announce the second season of the M4M free chamber music series. Concerts are at 4 p.m. in the  gallery on the second Sunday of each month, February through May. In an intimate, informal setting, the musicians  perform and offer background information on the works. Enjoy a glass of wine or refreshments from the Café while you  end your weekend with these relaxing concerts.

Please check the website and Facebook for more details and other events or contact Amy Callahan at 216-692-9500