Discover the Artist Within You At Art Therapy Studio

“I am so glad I took my social worker’s advice and came to the Art Therapy Studio. It has helped me in more ways than you can imagine. I have regained used of my hands, and above all, I have learned patience. I look forward to coming to the studio every week!” -Dolores Williams, Art Therapy Studio student.

After knee surgery led to hypertension and then a stroke four years ago, Dolores Williams “stayed at home and felt  sorry” for herself until a social worker persuaded her to take a class at the Art Therapy Studio.

Dolores, who had never made art in her life, started with watercolors because she “likes the way it works.” Since then,  she has explored different techniques and several of her acrylics have been displayed in Art Therapy Studio’s Fairhill  Gallery. She currently paints in the “Discover the Artist Within You” Open Studio class at the Fairhill studio. She likes her class so much that she schedules her bus a week in advance.

Art therapy has strengthened her mind and improved her mobility. Her hands are steady now, and she has learned to be  patient and not criticize herself.

Art Therapy Studio classes help people like Dolores develop their artistic talents as they recover from a stroke or deal  with a chronic illness, disability, or other special need. To learn more about what we do and how you can enroll yourself  or someone else in a class, visit