Cleveland Annual Trolley Tour of Artist Live/Work Spaces

The ArtSpace Trolley Tour is an annual event that attracts visitors from five counties to explore the St. Clair Superior Arts Quarter.

The fun begins the moment you get on the trolley with its comfortable seating and viewing. Our first stop is at Koko’s  Bakery in Asia Town, where you can ‘buy a bun for the bus.’ Your tour guide will then give you information about the history of the area, the buildings and the artists. You will ride freight elevators and discover hidden urban gardens.

Find out how Cleveland’s early 1900 industrial buildings were converted to artist live/work studios Learn about the  Live-Work Overlay Zoning District Ordinance, passed by the city of Cleveland, that successfully adapted industrial  buildings to permit and promote live/work activities in Cleveland. This zoning change became the driving force in the birth of Cleveland’s Arts Quarter. The tour lasts two hours.

Join us, and you’ll understand why we’ve heard our guests say so often, “As much as I know Cleveland, this is a new and  exciting experience.”