Art is Energy

Don’t believe it? Try to recall the artwork from the last hotel or motel room you stayed in.

We’ll wait.

If you can’t remember, it’s not your fault. Lots of businesses buy bland, mass-reproduced art chosen for color coordination rather than to awaken the senses.

RED DOT Project, Northeast Ohio’s nonprofit arts registry, sets the bar higher. We believe that expertly crafted art produced by local painters, sculptors and photographers enlivens space more than prints plucked from decorator catalogs ever could.

And, as a number of local companies and organizations have discovered, it’s good business to help foster a thriving arts community.

To that end, we have provided art work—and expertise in its selection—for Dollar Bank, Lorain County Community College, Nordson Corp., and the historic inn Glidden House, to name just a few.

In 2011, more than a dozen RED DOT Project artists provided functional, fine and decorative artwork for the PNC SmartHome exhibition in University Circle. In 2012, we aim to help build a stronger, more knowledgeable community of art lovers by highlighting artists stories and upcoming projects. Visit our website,, for a glimpse of how our artists and partners are bringing better, healthier, more exciting energy to Greater Cleveland. We hope you see something memorable.