Art is “All that Matters” at the Screw Factory Artists Studios

Chrissy Lapossy returns to the Screw Factory with her second annual All That Matters To Me show in June, 2012. It’s one of the many one-day exhibits that complement the Screw Factory Artist Studios’ twice-yearly, open studio events at the Lake Erie Building.

All That Matters To Me has also become one of the largest and most unexpected exhibitions in Northeast Ohio. This unique show was created to provide artists and visitors with an unconventional art-making experience. Comprised of work from over 40 artists working in a variety of media, the show will test the limits of what art can be outside of the typical gallery or museum setting.

Taking advantage of the vast industrial space that contains 30 artist studios year around, the participating artists are free to create exciting, never-before-seen work. In addition to the visiting artists and their pop-up exhibitions, many of the studios will be open during the event.

This event is held for one night only on Saturday, June 23rd. Admission to the show is free and will open to the public at 7pm. With over 800 attendees last year, curiosity about what’s new for 2012 will be high. Be sure to join in for this one night of undefinable art.