Architect’s Draw at Convivium 33

For an architect, drawing a building is in many ways, simply a way to remember it properly. Sketching a building can be  considered a way of taking notes, a visual diary of sorts. The sketchbook is, indeed, a daily companion and partner to an  architect.

Ask Peter Van Dijk, who will be the host for  a special exhibition at Convivium33 Gallery this November. Sponsored by  AIA Cleveland, Architects Draw is an exhibition concept which was conceived from Peter’s appreciation for what may  seem natural but–in today’s age fixated on all things digital– is not. Peter reminds us that you won’t find the soul of  architecture in your desktop. Great architecture can only derive from a uniquely human collaboration between the  mind, the eyes and the hand.

The juried exhibition will include recent works in a variety of disciplines by architects and students of architecture.  Peter, who spent a year in Rome on a Fulbright fellowship, will be featured as a special guest artist and will showcase his  personal travel sketches from over the years. Peter is undeniably one of the region’smost respected architects.

As he  shares his personal drawings he reminisces. They are timetables of his life, and serve as remindersof his love for  architecture and his discovery of the details not found in any book. A member of the College of Fellows of the American  Institute of Architects (AIA), in 2000 van Dijk was awarded the AIA Ohio Gold Medal, one of the profession’s highest

honors. His legacy has touched so many individuals well beyond our region. The list  of his projects is impressive, but none is greater than Blossom Music Center, the beloved summer home of the Cleveland Orchestra. The open-air concert pavilion flows with the landscape of the Cuyahoga valley. Completed in 1968, its legendary acoustics make Blossom one of the most desirable outdoor performance destinations in America.