Adrienne French and Jane Millican at Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery


January 18th, 2013 – March 9th, 2013

Adrienne French is a photographer drawn to the urban landscape, particularly those elements which still evoke the promise and optimism of their original intent, but have obviously seen better days.

The subjective lens of Ms. French illustrates a narrative for the viewer, often abstracted in close-up, of brightly painted surfaces that are cracked, chipped and flaking; metal that is corroding; and wood that is slowly eroding with decay—but  there is an arc to this narrative—an emotional range that pulls the viewer in. The colorful, playful seeming images, read almost like Pop-art, eliciting a feeling of cheerfulness or effervescence. As the viewer remains engaged, the reality and  ravages of time and entropy emerge, and the images seem more thoughtful than cheerful, more somber than effervescent, creating a tension and a balance in the imagery.

The subjects in these images have been transformed by time, rather than destroyed. They have taken on a new identity,  which seems to give birth to a renewed sense of optimism—despite the obvious signs of wear, they are still vibrant and  alive.


March 15th, 2013 – May 11th, 2013

At first glance, the work of London-based artist, Jane Millican appears to be quickly executed gestural oil painting. Upon  closer inspection, the broad brushstrokes and globby paint reveal themselves to be very fine pencil drawings. Each  variation in the brushstrokes, each swirling mixture of paint, even isolated drips, are all meticulously drawn in pencil by the talented hand of Ms. Millican, achieving an almost sculptural sense of depth.

These illusory drawings are mesmerizing, emanating the immense skill of the artist, as well as her sense of humor and  irony. Capturing the fast and spontaneous feeling of gestural painting in a drawing involves a slowly-crafted and labor- intensive process that took years of study and experimentation to perfect.

Ms. Millican’s exhibition record includes galleries in London, Paris, and Barcelona, as well as being a contributor to each of Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery’s annual international exhibitions of cinema inspired artwork.