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  • "Don’t Be Still: Robert Banks and John W. Carlson Collaborate at HEDGE" in 7(1) Spring 2018
  • "Home is where the art is: Paula Izydorek and Debra Sue Solecki at CWAL" in Blog
  • "Making it implicit: “Expanded Communication” at Bay Arts" in Blog
  • "Object Lessons: Cyra Levenson works to engage art students of all ages, through the collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art" in 6(3) Fall 2017
  • "Geometry and Abstract Expressionism combined by James Massena March at Tregoning & Co" in Blog
  • "Thinking big with small pieces: After the Pedestal at The Sculpture Center" in Blog
  • "Big show, big ideas: The eighth annual May Show at Lakeland Community College" in Blog
  • "Growing the Pie: Selling Art Beyond the Boundaries of Northeast Ohio | Part Two: Individual Artists Making their Own Way" in 6(2) Summer 2017
  • "Ongoingness: Charles Kanwischer is Marking Time at Shaheen Gallery" in Blog
  • "At Heights Arts, “Public Conscience” searches souls of designers and illustrators" in Blog
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