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  • "Our Art Theater: The Cleveland Playhouse and the Visual Arts, 1915-1924" in 4(3) Fall 2015
  • "Lake View: Barney Taxel’s photo meditation on Cleveland’s landmark cemetery" in 4(2) Summer 2015
  • "Julian Stanczak: Voices Fashioned from Light–Two new books examine the life and work of an under-appreciated Clevelander" in 4(1) Spring 2015
  • "Brave New World: The Changing Landscape of Support for Artists" in 3(4) Winter 2014/2015
  • "Damaged by Hand: Five years after his last solo show in Northeast Ohio, the Akron Art Museum presents a new look at Christopher Pekoc" in 3(3) Fall 2014
  • "Corcoran Fine Arts Presents Richard Sedlon (1900-1992): Painter of Dreams and Pookas" in 3(2) Summer 2014
  • "Mission Driven: Why won’t the Cleveland Museum of Art bring back the May Show?" in 3(1) Spring 2014
  • "A Life Cut Short: Edwin Kaufman, 1906-1939" in 2(4) Winter 2013/2014
  • "Finding a Place for Hart Crane" in 2(2) Summer 2013
  • "WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Cleveland-based Op-Art pioneer Julian Stanczak should have an honorary doctorate" in 2(1) Spring 2013
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