Tommy Nguyen, “may the PLUSH be with you”

Tommy Nguyen, "may the PLUSH be with you"
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Date(s) - 08/01/2024
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The Sculpture Center



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may the PLUSH be with you is the third iteration of the PLUSH series where participants are welcomed into Nguyen’s world of color, pattern, play, and comfort. PLUSH is many things. It is physically soft objects designed to have a multiplicity of interactions, but more so, it is an invitation to embrace comfort and joy, multiply it, and share it with others. Made of the fabric that forms our blankets and quilts, padded by the same cotton and polyester filling that keeps us warm and holds our heads up at night, filled with the packing material that safely delivers all of the things we need and have ever wanted. Its bright colors grab our attention and bring us cheer. Its patterns speak and listen to us. Its softness hopes to do no harm. This exhibition invites you to rediscover your own colors, patterns, textures, sounds, and tastes and joyfully redefine them.

Tommy is a Vietnamese American artist born in California currently based in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. He builds worlds to find new heroes and myths that can point us towards new futures, working in sculpture, video, animation, illustration, and puppetry. These worlds are often colorful, interactive, and playful, inviting viewers to come be part of the fun, making the world come to life and helping imagine the possibilities of this world and the next. He currently teaches at Pace University where he is also the acting thesis advisor.

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