Rooms To Let Returns to Broadway and East 55th

Scenes from past iterations of Slavic Village’s annual Rooms to Let festival

We’re so excited to invite you to Slavic Village for the annual Rooms to Let on Saturday and Sunday, July 8 and 9, at the historic intersection of Broadway and East 55th. This year will be our best yet!

Rooms to Let is rooted in our organization’s commitment to Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)—an approach that centers a community’s assets over its perceived deficits. The event takes advantage of the amazing open spaces in the heart of Slavic Village and invites both local and national artists to use them as forums for their creativity. While the (mostly installation-based) art is an innovative use of gorgeous real estate, it is also a reminder of the historic disinvestment in the neighborhood’s major thoroughfares.

Rooms to Let works to highlight Slavic Village in every way imaginable. In a past installation, an artist pair moved to the area for three months, learning people’s stories and creatively rendering them in an audio-visual portrait series. Beyond the art, you can also experience the community with a historic tour, or support one of the attending local vendors. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see what one of Cleveland’s biggest neighborhoods has to offer.

Rooms to Let is constantly evolving to be more inclusive behind the scenes as well, expanding the voices who choose which artists will be displayed. Learn more about the artists featured in this year’s exhibition and even more about the history of the event at our website:

5620 Broadway Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44127


Rooms To Let: Slavic Village, Saturday & Sunday, July 8 & 9 on Broadway at East 55th

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