Tremont Resident Garrett Weider Continues to Enliven the Neighborhood and Community Through His Art

Cleveland Skyline, by Tremont resident Garrett Weider

Tremont resident Garrett Weider has been making art for more than twenty years—and making public spaces more vibrant and unique with his artwork. While Weider has been a Tremont resident for the last decade, he has been coming to Tremont for much longer to display his art throughout the community. Weider said he was drawn to Tremont because of the neighborhood’s vibrant art scene and art galleries, and his art has been showcased in locations like Lava Lounge, Fat Cats, The Treehouse, Edison’s Pub and Grumpy’s Cafe. He has also had a show during Walkabout Tremont at Loop, where his painted vinyl records were on display.

Although he has a formal education in art and graphic design, Weider said that he “learned more through real-life experience than in school” and that his art is a process of “failing and seeing what works.” He emphasized the importance of being able to adapt and learn through his artistic experiences. Most of Weider’s art is done in his favorite medium—spray paint.

“Spray paint allows for complete coverage and saturation of rough outdoor materials, such as bricks, which are often difficult to completely cover with paint and a brush,” he said. He also likes to use Sherwin-Williams outdoor paint and has lately been using watered-down paint in clean pesticide spray containers for his works.

Mural by Garrett Weider

Over the years, Weider’s art has changed to fit his personal style, as well as the trends of the time. In the past, he would create Cleveland-themed murals that showed a sense of pride in the city before that was common. More recently, his art has transformed so that the small details in previous pieces—such as flowers—have inspired entire murals. Weider always likes to ask himself where the next phase of his art should go, so that he remains “ahead of the curve doing something fresh and exciting.” The Tremont resident and artist aims to inspire, as well as continue to pursue what he loves in the city he loves.



Walkabout Tremont features art, fashion, music, food, drink and entertainment the second Friday of each month throughout Tremont from 5 to10pm. After a pandemic hiatus, Walkabout Tremont returned in July. Visit for more information.