Art Every Space

Christine Mauersberger installation at IRG Realty’s East End project, Phase One.

Art Every Space (AES) has been busy, and we wanted to celebrate our exciting new projects. Our scope is wide and connective, and we are diligently working to support local artists and our clients. We design art-rich experiences in Northeast Ohio, enhancing people’s everyday lives, which is especially important in this isolating pandemic environment. Our services include art advisory, consulting and acquisition of art designed for private and public development, coupled with art-rich programming for exposure and connection to projects.

The Cleveland Collection for Cleveland City Council

AES is honored to curate and manage art for City Council—marking the inaugural year for a permanent collection to be housed both inside and outside of the council chambers. We will also install a dedicated gallery exhibiting work for sale. Artists representing the wards where they live and work will be introduced by their representatives at council meetings. The activation of these spaces provides an investment in our artists, a reflection of the progressive ideas of Council and their support of local arts and culture.

The Cleveland Collection will grow annually and begin to travel to extend the scope of the exceptional quality of work from our city’s artists. It celebrates our history through the visions, perspectives and innovations of the most notable Cleveland artists of the twenty-first century. Artists in this collection include Donald Black Jr., Sean Mabin, Asia Armour, Lori Kella, Alaina Battle.

The East End

AES is also honored to be partnering with IRG Realty on the second phase of development at The East End. An adaptive reuse project that was formerly the Goodyear Headquarters, this mixed-use complex includes residential, office, and hospitality spaces and Ernst and Young (Akron). Artists for Phase Two include Alexandria Couch, Hui-Chu Ying, Adana Tillman, Yvonne Palkowitsh, Dexter Davis, Jason K. Milburn, Mindy Tousley, Micah Kraus, Dave King, Nicole Schneider, Isabel Farnsworth and Jenniffer Omaitz.

Phase One is complete, and work by the following artists is currently on display: Taryn McMahon, Christine Mauersberger, Mike Gable, Dragana Crnjak, and Mark Keffer

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