What’s New, Orange Art Center?

Orange Art Center resumes programming with on-site classes and COVID safety precautions. Offerings include digital photography, pottery, and more.


“The only constant is change.” Heraclitus: a prophetic quote that resonates so profoundly today given the time that we are enduring and living in. The Orange Art Center (OAC) has been working diligently to develop new programming and create new initiatives that will support OAC, while keeping the integrity of its core fine art curriculum. On average, the OAC is offering twenty on-site classes and fourteen virtual classes per season. While working under the ever-changing parameters, the OAC has created positive steps forward that include the following:

  • New! Call for Advisory Council Leadership: The OAC is assisting in the development of a new Orange Art Center Advisory Council (OACAC). Candidates interested in supporting OAC goals and objectives can learn more about this exciting opportunity to join the Council by visiting orangeartcenter.org/oac-opportunities.
  • New! Online Fine Art and Digital Art Classes: With the addition of online art classes, the OAC is now able to offer new disciplines, including Animation, Filmmaking and Digital Photography, and Artist Development.
  • New! Micro On-site Art Classes: Six is the magic number as the OAC navigates its way through executing micro on-site classes with social distancing—six feet apart, six students per class and six-week sessions.
  • New! Artist Instructors and Staff: The OAC welcomes new art instructors and staff members to its creative team. With new instructors and staff comes new approaches to developing and teaching fine art classes and workshops.
  • New! Online Student Gallery: Students who take classes at the OAC will now have the opportunity to exhibit their artwork on the new online OAC Student Gallery.
  • New! Mobile Family Art Projects: Yes, the OAC is offering curbside pickup for family-oriented art projects. The art projects are designed for families with younger children who need a take and make pre-packaged art project to create at their leisure. Young artists are encouraged to share their artwork via the new OAC online student gallery.
  • New! Studio Air Purifiers and Beyond: OAC has implemented health and safety protocols that provide a health-conscious environment for conducting micro onsite adult classes. Learn more on the COVID section of the OAC website. These new initiatives will benefit the OAC’s ability to continue to grow and stay viable. While we look to better times, the OAC is committed to connecting us through new and traditional ways of gathering. After all, creative problem solving is what we do best!

Orange Art Center

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