Where the Creative Step Up

TOP: 200 Art 2 Go bags—created by BAYarts to give families supplies for art projects during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order—were picked up almost immediately. BOTTOM: Derek Brennan’sBlossom won Best Of Show in BAYarts’ Juried Exhibition 2020.

BAYarts’ initial, optimistic response to COVID-19 was that we would continue to remain open as requested by many of our students. Even if local schools closed, we thought BAYarts would be a sanctuary for community to gather.

But as the news became more grim, and restrictions were rolled out, provisions had to be made: seventy percent of BAYarts’ income is from paid programming, rentals, consignment and gallery sales. Deep cuts had to be made to assure reopening on solid footing.

This is where the creative step up: everyone, including (unpaid) staff members, faculty and volunteers, has continued to devising ways to engage our students and keep the community intact, such as distributing Art 2 Go kits and connecting to students through videos and chat groups.

Understandably, some refunds were requested. But many of our supporters donated the money back or agreed to take a credit for future programming. Every day we receive words of encouragement and support from the community. And as this wonderful Northeast Ohio arts region’s reputation would indicate, and as we’ve seen in the CAN community, we are all connecting with other organizations and art leaders—exchanging ideas, resources, and words of encouragement.


28795 Lake Road

Bay Village, Ohio 44140