Art from a Distance: Home Is Where The Art Is, hosted by the Cleveland Museum of Art

True to the pledge to be “For the benefit of all the people, forever,” the Cleveland Museum of Art has continued offering aesthetic, educational programming during coronavirus-imposed closure of their brick-and-mortar galleries.
About every ten days since March 20, the CMA has posted an episode to its new YouTube series, “Home Is Where The Art Is.” Hosted by a rotating cast of curators, each installment walks viewers through one of the museum’s collections or special exhibitions. All videos are captioned for the hearing impaired.
The series’ debut episode featured Britany Salsbury, associate curator of prints and drawings. Salsbury discusses Where the Art Is: A Graphic Revolution, which displays works representing almost a century of Latin American printmaking:

For the second episode, Deputy Director and Chief Curator Heather Lemonedes Brown contextualizes one of the museum’s most iconic pieces, the left panel of Claude Monet’s water lily triptych:

Curator of Photography Barbara Tannenbaum hosts the third and most recent episode, focused on Ilse Bing: Queen of the Leica. In the first half of the 20th century, Bing pioneered surrealism in photography for fine art, commercial, and even journalistic venues:

Tannenbaum also wrote about Bing’s work on the museum’s Thinker blog.

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