Temptation and Texture: Van Rooy and Yody at 818 Studios

Anthony Van Rooy’s work spans decades and the ongoing installation at 818 Studios showcases work created between 2003 and 2019. The exhibit is ever-changing as we continue to document and display his massive repertoire. His figurative abstract work at 818 Studios is part of a huge body of work not seen by the public in ten years, and in many cases, never.

Van Rooy’s work is an amalgam of a subconscious that’s vibrant with chaos and temptation. He delves into these underlying secrets as a by-product of his unique view of our ever-changing world. Van Rooy surprises at every viewing: “Temptation causes chaos…balance keeps you in the game. I like to put both sides of life in my paintings.”

Rebecca Yody’s rich textural canvases are a joy to behold and offer the viewer a sense of earthly calm in this continuing exhibition. The artist incorporates trick-of-the-eye aspects like woven wire and repetitive photographic images that seem to float within the piece. “I strive to create art using texture, found objects, and photos to build visual images to inspire thought and peace of mind,” she notes.

John Saile, Big Sky, 2019

Spring 2020 brings new talent to 818 Studios with a developing line-up that begins with the art of John Saile on April 4. His Op Art print works and vibrant abstract paintings will start the season perfectly by bringing an extraordinary blast of color to 818.

Located in the heart of Tremont at the corner of Professor and Jefferson, 818 Studio serves as the studio/office of photographer and gallery owner, Barbara Merritt, as well as a shared art space available for weekend pop-ups, events and short-term shows.

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818 Studios

818 Jefferson Ave

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