Graffiti HeArt at the Huntington Cleveland Convention Gallery

ISH ROCKIN’ INSIDES, mural in progress inside the Graffiti HeArt graffiti gallery and museum, by Chicago artist, Ish Muhammad, courtesy of Graffiti HeArt.

The Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland is excited to present Graffiti HeArt, a [501(c)3] arts education organization. Founded in 2013 by local graffiti enthusiast and business woman Stamy Paul, Graffiti HeArt officially opened its gallery and museum last October. Graffiti HeArt will be taking front stage at the Huntington Cleveland Convention Center Gallery, bringing local graffiti artists together and showing the world the depth of their talent and the positive impact of graffiti art through a series of large-scale graffiti-styled art installations spanning some 600 feet of wall space.

The pieces will be painted on site and will provide a new and extraordinary experience for thousands of visitors. The exhibition will be named Outside In, with the artists creating what has historically been identified as outdoor public art on inside walls—very much in sync with the Graffiti HeArt gallery concept. After being on display for all to enjoy, the pieces eventually will be auctioned to support the Graffiti HeArt scholarship program. They are expected to be completed by early April and displayed through November.

Graffiti HeArt was founded with a dream to provide opportunities for graffiti artists to get connected to commissioned projects, both large and small scale, to beautify and revitalize walls, buildings and communities, while also generating the funding of scholarships for underserved youth through the Pre-College Program at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Since its inception, more than $70,000 in scholarship funding has been extended to 31 teenage students, allowing them the opportunity to experience what an arts college entails and introducing them to a platform that allows them to realize that their talents can help them build better lives for themselves and others. In addition, Graffiti HeArt has coordinated the talent to create fifteen public murals across Northeast Ohio and Puerto Rico, and more than seventy corporate, private and community projects, so to enhance the visual arts and elevate this incredible and fresh, important genre of art. For more information, visit


1 St. Clair Avenue NE

Cleveland, Ohio 44114