Rob Hartshorn and the Art Evolution of Tremont

Artist Rob Hartshorn at work in his studio

Rob Hartshorn, artist, activist and longtime gallery owner, is leaving the Professor Avenue retail scene. Not closing up shop or quitting the business, but simply opting for a quieter open studio near Lincoln Park. In effect, he is evolving as an artist much like Tremont has evolved as an art venue. “For decades Tremont has been a go-to place for artists and art buyers,” Hartshorn notes. “And that hasn’t really changed. We still have important display spaces like doubting thomas, The Paul Duda Gallery and Loop. Artists also create and display in shared spaces like 818 Studios, Lava Lounge and the Literary Café. The reality, in fact, is that art is everywhere: in Tremont parks, in Tremont churches, on the street and even in retail shops. Our fine independent restaurants are constantly featuring new creations. Check out Grumpy’s, Ty Fun or Fat Cats.”

Still, Tremont and its art scene have changed. In the 1990s and before, Tremont was a gritty place with the cheap rents that most artists need. Their studios and galleries exuded cool. That attracted patrons and also caught the eye of restauranteurs like Michael Symon and Rocco Whalen. The rest is urban history: modern homes, myriad rehabs, upscale newcomers, scores of pubs and eateries and, inevitably, higher prices. And of course, some artists and galleries left for cheaper spaces. Others evolved—making art at home or as part of a collaborative and showing work at special events, in other studios, on the street and online. All in all, there’s more art activity in Tremont today than at any time previous.

And like Tremont, Rob Hartshorn is evolving. Early on, he sold his work at street fairs. In 1990 his work was displayed in venues like Tremont’s famed Bohemia Club Cafe (location of the original Lola). In 2007, he opened his Tremont gallery. And now he’s shifting to a studio environment where he can focus on commissioned portraiture. That evolution is happening concurrently in his home studio and in the Tremont storefront he shares with his wife, Lorraine Schuchart, founder of Prosper for Purpose, a PR, branding and fundraising firm.

Net plus one for Tremont! Yes, Rob Hartshorn and Tremont are changing. But that’s hardly a bad thing. Cool evolves and change happens.

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