Young Photographers

My Purpose? by Destinee Cruz, Project Snapshot student

This spring, Cleveland Print Room’s galleries will be alive with the work of young photographers from the trio of programs that make up our Teen Institute: Project Snapshot, Instant Foto, and the POV Photo Visionary Mastery Program.

The Project Snapshot Student Exhibition, opening Wednesday, April 17, presents work from this sixteen-week B&W film processing course that runs the full school year. Students in PS use Pentax 35mm cameras to push their photography skills to the next level. Sponsored by the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, PS work also is displayed at Rhodes State Office Tower in Columbus for a full year.

Wednesday, May 1 brings the opening of the Instant Foto Student Exhibition. This popular introductory program teaches instant film photography on location at several sites within the city of Cleveland. IF runs three eight-week semesters throughout the year wherein students use Lomo’Instant Wide cameras to learn the basics of photography.

Finally, the POV Photo Visionary Mastery Program will have its opening on Wednesday, May 15. This advanced program, offered to students who have successfully completed PS or IF and have demonstrated the ability and desire to expand their skills, features photographic and writing assignments, digital intensives, visual presentations, critiques, field trips, and visiting artists.

Please join us for these exhibitions and see where Cleveland’s artists of tomorrow are coming from!


Project Snapshot Student Exhibition | 5–8pm Wednesday, April 17

Instant Foto Student Exhibition | 5–8pm Wednesday, May 1

POV Mastery Student Exhibition | 5–8pm Wednesday, May 15

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