Muralism at Tri-C, with the Cleveland Skribe Tribe

Cleveland Skribe Tribe’s 60’ X 9’ mural installation at Tri-C Metro Campus Center, work by mr. soul

In December of 2018, Dayz Whun, Sano and myself (mr.soul), members of the art collective CST (Cleveland Skribe Tribe) completed a sixty-foot-by-nine-foot mural for Cuyahoga Community College’s new Metro Campus Center. This was a glorious canvas, and it was imperative for us to show up and show out.

Before executing a sketch, we spent about six to nine hours in the library and on the internet doing extensive research to support our vision and what we wanted to say. The culmination of this research produced two rough concepts with verbal discussion to convey the direction in which we decided to go. Our clients were extremely excited about what we presented and had little to no changes to our direction.

The execution of the painting was covered in about a week’s time with us averaging twelve- to fourteen-hour days working, and two to three hours sleeping. I think we ate too. Yeah, we ate. I know for a fact it was the adrenaline and excitement for what we were doing that kept us afloat and hyper active.

These pics don’t do justice. Do yourself a favor and take a trip down to Tri-C Metro’s new Campus Center and experience the mural for yourself. Take pics and tag us on social media to let us know what you think and how you interpret our work of art.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be right to speak on this project without mentioning that CAN Triennial gave us the platform to be seen, heard and selected as a prospect for this mural. Another special thanks to Christy Gray of Gray Haus Studios for believing in and selecting us for the project. In spite of what others thought, we took full advantage of the opportunity to be present, and on our own terms. Since then, we’ve developed some pretty dope relationships and have been rewarded some pretty nice paying jobs! But more importantly than the money, is that through art we were able to forge bonds that were not compounded, distracted and/or influenced by the city’s broken art politics.

Peace and Power.

Cleveland Skribe Tribe