The Art of Framing

As the Bonfoey Gallery closes its 125th year, we think back to the origin of our company and its custom framing roots when we began creating hand-made custom frames in 1893. Originally, Bonfoey Framing Company was located on East Ninth Street in downtown Cleveland and produced custom frames for the Rockefellers and Fords, among other notable clients. From there, we moved to East Fourth and Prospect Avenue until a fire in 1962 necessitated our move to East Seventeenth and Euclid Avenue. An art gallery was added to our facility at this location. Throughout our history, Bonfoey’s has continued to focus on high quality through our custom framing and the artists’ works we represent.

Our frames are built, finished, and fitted in house by talented master crafters who strive for precision and detail. Through years of experience, we have developed our techniques to ensure beautiful frames that further enhance an artwork, photograph, or object. The frames can be contemporary or traditional depending upon the style needed, and are cut and built in our 14,000-square-foot location. Our craftsman can hand carve detailed frames which can then be stained, painted, or finished to any shade imaginable. We can restore an antique frame it to its original glory by building up chipped areas, sanding the scratches, and renewing the finish. Different gilded finishes range from 18-karat gold to white gold and aluminum leaf to gold metal leaf, along with different base clays which can create an even more unique look.

A rare art we also offer are French lined mats. These feature a series of ink lines, gilded papers and watercolor panels that serve to accent the artwork. Every one requires a steady hand, an eye for color, and creativity. If one line is off, we have to begin again. Each mat is unique and hand crafted to the artwork it accompanies.

As a gallery, Bonfoey’s promotes many contemporary artists from the region. As a framer, we continue the hand crafting of frames that complement, support, and protect these fine works. If you are interested in learning more about our process, we hope you come visit us as we endeavor to serve the Cleveland community for the next 125 years!

For more information, visit or call 216.621.0178.

The Bonfoey Gallery

1710 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115