Natural Selection at YARDS Projects

Bianca Fields, As Easy As Green, spray paint, acrylic and oil on canvas

Several exhibitions of late have focused on peer-to-peer recommendations where artists boost other artists they admire. The Progressive Art Collection’s recent Full Fathom Five and the Bienal de São Paulo are artists-led, artist-curated or suggested nods to who they see as ripe for study or celebration in new venues, in front of new audiences. Artists who exhibited at YARDS Projects this past year were asked to do the selecting for what will become an annual Artists Select Exhibition. The artists selected forego the more traditional conceptualizing and orchestrating by a curator and instead create an organic, diversity-filled, offbeat mix. The participants in the show include school teachers, friends and colleagues, and new comers to the Cleveland scene. For example, Corrie Slawson selected mixed media artist Orlando Caraballo, while Michael Loderstedt selected Kent State University printmaking faculty Arron Foster; Amber Ford chose painter Bianca Fields, Tim Callaghan selected photographer Carolyn Ballou and Darius Steward chose painter Michael Meier. In 2019, those select artists will select the next round of participating artists, and so on.

Carolyn Ballou, Franklin House, digital

The Residents Select Exhibition is another annual exhibition slated for January to March 2019. Six residents currently living at Worthington Yards will chose work from over seventy artist submissions. The submission process is open, meaning anyone can apply. Residents will have the opportunity to select works that will be on view in the public spaces of YARDS Projects, thus creating an environment in which they help create. They are encouraged to up the cultural ante and weigh-in on what is displayed around them. With any luck and a dose of enthusiasm from artists, residents will want to own original art, tell their friends and family, and contribute to the growing passion for locally grown culture.



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