CAN Triennial Dealer Guide: Maria Neil Art Project

Jen Craun

Maria Neil Art Project

Launched in 2012 by art collectors and patrons John Farina and Adam Tully, Maria Neil Art Project is dedicated to showcasing the art and artists of Cleveland, as well as art and artists that are new to Cleveland. The mission of Maria Neil Art Project is based on its founders’ vision of presenting the rich mix of talented artists in the city and making art collecting more accessible and attainable to a wider audience. The gallery offers contemporary paintings, works on paper, sculpture, photographs and other media. The gallery maintains an ongoing close creative relationship with its own roster as well as a strong collaborative relationship with other galleries and artists.

Though they closed their gallery space in October of 2017, they have found a new vitality by ‘popping up’ around the city and elsewhere, offering art in unique spaces. Now they are popping up at the CAN Triennial!

Maria Neil Art Project has developed a focus on the spirit and work of a lively collection of artists whose work embodies both skill and risk-taking. They partner with artists who are relevant to the current contemporary atmosphere, and they create opportunities for new and emerging artists. The artists showcased in their booth are cool, contemporary, and all-things-Cleveland—award-winning, nationally and internationally recognized local artists. Their talent is just as diverse as the mediums they work in. Stop in and take a moment to view, enjoy (and buy!) their work to add to your personal or corporate collection. This booth is proud to showcase the fine works of:

Cathie Bleck

Pita Brooks

Timothy Callaghan

Adam Chuck

Jen Craun

Michelangelo Lovelace

Jenniffer Omaitz

Kristin Rogers