CAN Triennial Artists for Site-Specific Installations Announced


CAN Triennial curators received more than 500 applications for the exhibition and its site-specific installations. At a time when the eyes of the art world are on Cleveland, CAN Triennial is proud to put the spotlight on Cleveland Art.

Profound thanks to William Busta, Angelica Pozo, Hilary Gent, and Curlee Raven Holton whose wisdom and range of perspectives have guided this process.

We are especially honored and proud that we will present site-specific installations around 78th Street Studios, including inside the building, on the surrounding grounds, and on three rooftop locations, by the following artists:

Site A, Main Stairwell, Ron Shelton

Site A/1, Main Stairwell, Christine Mauersberger

Site B, Ramp Level, Susan Danko

Site C, 2nd floor hallway vista, Rebecca Cross

Site D, Third Floor Anteroom, Michael Loderstedt and Lori Kella

Site E, HEDGE Gallery, Wadsworth Jarrell

Site F, Roof outside HEDGE, Anthony Gagliardi

Site G, Exterior Mural, Cleveland Skribe Tribe

Site H, North Garden, Fresh Eggs Landscape Design

Site I, Main Entrance, Olga Ziemska

Site J, Main Entrance Roof, Dana Depew

Site K, Western Roof Decks, So Fun Studio / JP Costello and Erin Guido

Site L, Parking Lot Entrance, Charmaine Spencer

Site N,  Mailroom, Jeff Chiplis

Site Q, Ramp Level Foyer (A,) Sherry Bradshaw

Ramp Level Foyer (B), Sara Jordan Fine

Restroom Mirrors,  Sarah Curry

Mural Map of Cleveland Art Scene,  John G

The list includes familiar names who have been defining forces on the region’s art scene for years, as well as artists who are much less known. It represents an enormous range of backgrounds, perspectives and media, just like Cleveland. We know you will want to see their new work and celebrate with them and us when CAN Triennial offers its preview party Friday July 6, and its free public opening Saturday, July 7. Watch this space for more details and announcements in the coming days.

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